Tim Hawkins - contemporary painting

Why commission a painting?

Commissioning of a painting is a for a loved one or yourself is a highly personal and suprisingly affordable. It can be a great gift to commemerate a special day, a person or just a place you have a fondness for. This can sometimes be as simple as just wanting a picture that fits excactly with its enviroment, a kitchen or living room for example. The choice of subject can often affect how suitable that picture is, which is why commissioning a painting of your choice can be taylored to your individual needs.

How to commission a painting?

The Commission of a painting is easy once you have decided, you set the price which you are comfortable paying, if you have any special requirements such as size/diamention/subject. email these to me and I will return a propsal of the painting this usually will include a sketch (.jpg) of painting including any relivant colour notes. Then if you wish to commission the work then pay half of the money through the paypal account, then when the painting is finished a full colour .jpg will be sent to you. When the balance is paid your painting (including frame) will be despatched to your address.

If you wish to know more on pricing of frames and pictures it can be found by clicking here or following the pricing policy link at the bottom of the page.