Tim Hawkins - contemporary painting


Thankyou for taking the time to view this site, I am a full time Artist working in Beverley my work currently based around painting.

Since studying Fine Art at Hull (1997 - 1999), I have been expanding on ideas around the visual impact of man-made and other form(s) while dually exploding and drawing together representative forms. These have culminated in my latest works of the depiction of the environment as interlocking forms on a flat plane, and removing the element of depth. This suggested lack of depth hints at the all-consuming parts of the city and landscape we are both locked in the world but are also of the world . By trying to see the environment through form only then they become blurred abstract realities.

Recent work has taken has taken a more painterly quality bringing layering techniques and colour theory to the latest paintings which can be viewed here. These latest paintings provide a strong direction for future work, both in form and technique.

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